Fake Doctor Worked In North Carolina ER For Three Weeks

Posted on Dec 17, 2010
A North Carolina community was shocked to learn that a mentally ill man pretended to be a doctor at a local hospital for three weeks before he was caught and charged with three counts of impersonating a doctor. During his time working in the emergency room as a bogus doctor, the man even saw patients, though the hospital claims no one was harmed by the man.

According to local reports and Medical news Today, 24-year-old Daniel Stewart donned scrubs and walked into Cape Fear Valley Medical Center saying that he was a visiting resident in training. Doctors say that they had him assist with patients in the emergency room despite the fact that he was not wearing an official badge as required by the hospital. A hospital spokesperson said that although Stewart, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, had contact with patients, he was never alone with one and that no one was affected.

His family says that Stewart is fine when he is on his medication, but that he is mentally ill when off of his prescriptions. They also say that he has always wanted to be a doctor. His uncle told authorities that a few weeks before the discovery, he had driven Stewart to the hospital for a job interview, and that the man had returned to the car wearing scrubs.

In response to the charges Stewart has said that he did indeed study medicine at a University and that he has filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina hospital where he was an intruder.

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