Entire Family Attack By Pit Bull In Yadkinville, NC – Four Injured

Posted on Jan 12, 2010
Recently we wrote a legal library item, Should You Risk Injury To Break Up A Dog Fight? and this week we covered an upsetting North Carolina dog attack story that shows some of the possible consequences of inserting yourself between an aggressive dog and the person it is attacking. While it is one thing to stop yourself from breaking up a fight between two dog, it is quite another to stop yourself from saving your young son from a pit bull attack.

Just before Christmas in Yadkinville, NC, the Whitaker family was enjoying the Saturday with their children playing in the back yard and the adults looking on. Without warning, one of the family’s two pit bulls attacked 9-year-old Jonathan, leaving him with scratches on his face, shattered bones in his neck, and a torn ear.

Upon witnessing the attack, Jonathan’s mother and stepmother both tried to save the boy from the dog only to be bitten by the aggressive dog themselves. Jonathan’s father Terry Whitaker then entered the fray, trying to protect his wife from the dog mauling. All in all, four Whitaker family members were taken to North Carolina Baptist Hospital for dog bite wound treatments. Three were transported by EMS to the hospital. Jonathan was listed in fair condition and was held in the hospital until after Christmas.

The dog involved in the attack as well as another pit bull located in the home, were removed by animal control.

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