Employer Guilty of Workers Compensation Fraud

Posted on Jul 29, 2008

The insurance and industry public relations machines work full time churning out propaganda in an effort to convince the public that injured workers who make a claim for workers compensation benefits are cheaters and that their claims are not legitimate. This impression is incorrect.

Fraud is wrong and destructive , whether committed by workers or management. A recent report of employer fraud shows that employer fraud , unfortunately, sometimes occurs and possibly is more prevalent than the public realizes.

A man from West Hamlin, West Virginia has entered a plea of guilty on charges of two counts of worker's compensation fraud.

According to the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, the plea was entered earlier in the week by 52-year-old Chlamar Elkins in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia.

In the month of November, 2007, Elkins received an indictment on 14 felony counts of workers' compensation fraud and one felony count of fraudulent schemes.

According to a press release, in his guilty plea Elkins admitted that in the year 2001, he had failed to file premium tax reports for the First and Second Quarters. In addition to that admission, he also admitted to the fact that he owed a total of $18,284.19 in repayment of premiums for worker's compensation which he had not paid to the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commission in addition to a total of $7,759.79 to Emmis Television Broadcasting.

The State of West Virginia has agreed to a dismissal of the additional 13 counts of fraud that Elkins would have been facing as an exchange for him entering a plea of guilty. He is expected to receive sentencing for the charges remaining against him in April.

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