Elon Woman With History of Crashes Hits Cyclist And Leaves Scene

Posted on Oct 30, 2010
Are punishments too lenient for drivers who strike and kill pedestrians in North Carolina? A recent hit-and-run cyclist incident in Elon, NC, has many wondering if judges should have more options for drivers who may continue to be a danger on our roads.

During the summer of 2007, Robin Stanfield was driving in Elon on University Drive when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into five people who were working on a broken-down car on the shoulder. Four people died, including 57-year-old Mildred Isley, 43-year-old Michael King, 55-year-old Freddie Coulter, and 51-year-old Sandra Coulter. The only survivor was Larry Isley Junior, who was injured in the pedestrian accident.

Stanfield was found guilty of four counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle – though it never became clear why Stanfield lost control of her car or how exactly the accident took place. She lost her license for a year, paid $2,000 to the families of each of her victims, and served a suspended 45-day prison sentence.

Just two years later, however, Stanfield (now Stanfield-Ragsdale) is once again in the spotlight this time for hitting a 26-year-old freshman who was biking near the campus in Elon. She left the scene of the bike accident without checking on the young man, who suffered serious back and leg injuries. Now she faces felony charges for fleeing the scene and violating her probation.

Still, many North Carolina lawmakers are wondering whether or not this second accident could have been prevented.

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