Dubai Firefighter Extinguishes Fire on Bridge with Jetpack

Posted on Feb 18, 2017

If a collision on a bridge in Dubai ever results in a fire, firefighters are prepared to put out the fire effectively and quickly using the firefighting technology of the future. In order to avoid traffic congestion on bridges in the busy city of Dubai, firefighters have been trained to fight fires with the use jet skis and jetpacks. 

The devices referred to as "Dolphins," in Dubai could be the fire fighting tools of the future. 

Firefighters can zoom to a collision through the water on their jet skis. Once they arrive at the bridge, they stand on a device that uses water to propel them to the top of the bridge. Then they use a long hosepipe that collects the ocean's water and sprays it out onto the fire to extinguish it.

This is not the first time Dubai safety crews have used jetpacks to save lives. According to Popular Science, in 2015, the United Arab Emirates ordered jetpacks to save the lives of people who were on the top floors in skyscrapers. 

Click here to see a video of a Dubai fireman using a water-powered jetpack to put out a fire.

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