Dog with History of Viciousness Attacks Two Women in Greensville

Posted on Jul 03, 2012

“Sunny” the pit bull was off of its leash Tuesday, June 12 reports 9 on Your Side, when it chased a man into his home, and then ran down the street and mauled a nearby woman. The dog leapt onto the woman and bit into her chest, actually ripping off a piece. When bystanders attempted to pull the dog off, it turned its attack to a second woman. 

Larry Clemons, a witness to the attack, said that if the dog had jumped just a little higher it could have grabbed the woman’s throat and killed her. 

The dog was in the care of Anthony Columbus, who was watching it for the owner, Victoria Moore, at the time of the incident.Moorelives and works inHavelock, but the dog has been banned from that city because of a previous attack just a few months ago. 

In February, Sunny attacked a pair of children that were playing in the street in Havelock. After that attack, officials decided to consider the dog vicious, but not vicious enough to warrant euthanasia since it was unclear if the children had been bitten or scratched. They decided to ban Sunny from Havelock. 

Sunny the pit bull is now in quarantine after being voluntarily given up by its owner. Officials in Greenville will decide whether or not to euthanize the animal after the quarantine period is over. 

What to Do When You Have Been Attacked by a Dog in Raleigh 

It is the responsibility of any pet caretaker to make sure that their animal is properly cared for and, if necessary, restrained. The safety of the community is of the highest priority and all pet owners should respect that. 

If you have suffered serious injuries in a dog attack because the dog’s owner failed to properly restrain it, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Get help from a dog bite attorney in Raleigh at Brent Adams & Associates today. Call us for a FREE consultation: 1-800-849-5931.