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Dog Treats Recalled: What Are Your Rights if Your Dog Was Injured?

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

instinct raw pet food recallBoth dogs and cats may develop food allergies or intolerances just like humans. Some pet food companies like Nature's Variety formulate a special line of foods that are grain-free, however even though the food should be safe for cats and dogs, recent negligent manufacturing has caused a recall. Pet owners trust food companies when they look for special foods to suit their pets' diets. Our Raleigh injury lawyers learned Nature's Variety grain-free pet food Instinct Raw organic chicken medallions and patties are being recalled due to plastic pieces that may be present in the food and cause a choking hazard.

What can a pet owner do if their dog or cat was injured as a result of negligent manufacturing? If the pet has survived and the pet owner incurred medical treatment costs associated with the injury caused by the recalled pet food, they may receive reimbursement for medical expenses. If the plastic was ingested and surgery was required to remove the foreign objects, pet owners may file a claim for surgical and hospitalization costs.

Injury claims become complicated in severe situations when the pet owner loses their dog or cat because of a pet supply manufacturer's negligence. How does a court determine the value of a dog's life or a cat's life? When it comes to the value of a dog or cat, owners of pure-bred pets used for pet show competitions or breeding may have an easier time calculating a value lost. Courts often view pets as property and will calculate an owner's loss based on the fair market value of replacing the pet. This means if an individual paid $100 to adopt their pet and the shelter's current rates are comparable, the pet owner may only receive enough money to cover the cost of "replacing" their pet. The dog or cat's age, health prior to the accident, training, and use will be considered in determing the pet owners financial loss. (Special circumstances like therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs, and other types of service animals will have more documentation of their skills and value than an uncertified dog.)

Companionship, sentimental value, and emotional distress are the difficult numbers to assign values to. That's when pet owners need a Raleigh injury lawyer fighting for compensation of this devastating loss. Brent Adams & Associates' Raleigh injury lawyers help families and individuals who have suffered a loss due to another party's negligence. If your pet was injured from recalled pet food like the recalled Instinct Raw organic food above, contact us immediately to file a claim for your loss.

Nature's Variety is offering full refund for pet food costs or replacement of pet food to anyone who purchased the recalled food and has retained the original packaging.


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