Dog Bites Two Children In Shelby, NC

Posted on Dec 15, 2008

shelby north carolina dog biteA boxer mix dog was shot by a police officer in Shelby, North Carolina after the dog attacked two children. The attack took place on November 17th and was observed by Police Sergeant Michael Ballen while he drove through town. When Officer Ballen stopped to help the children, the dog began acting agressively toward him. The officer's single shot killed the dog.

The dog's owner, Tammy Gene Carson, resided on the same street. Carson had left her eight-month-old dog, Butch, in her yard and the dog allegedly escaped on its own. She had only owned the dog for about a month. Both of the children who were attacked by Butch are Carson's children. When Carson and her children tried to contain the dog, it jumped on the younger child and ripped off the older child's jacket and attempted to bite the child's arm.

Fortunately, both children appear unscathed from the dog attack. They appeared to only experience superficial scratch markets and slightly stressed following the incident. These two did not have to be concerned about other matters that dog bite victims of severe attacks usually need to manage: Dog bite infections, scarring, nerve damage, medical bills, and more. 

Children statistically make up the majority of dog bite victims. Our North Carolina dog bite attorneys review a few safety tips for keeping dogs around children. Individuals who were injured in a dog attack have certain rights under North Carolina statutes. We explain few items, including the statute of limitations, at the following link about factors affecting dog bite cases in North Carolina. Our dog bite attorneys also offer complimentary case evaluations. Simply call our office at 877-BRENT-ADAMS or complete the consultation request form to reserve a spot on our calendar.