Dog Attack Victim Strives To Ban Pit Bulls In Mount Holly, NC

Posted on Mar 31, 2010
Like many towns and cities in North Carolina, Mount Holly is looking at its record of pit bull attacks and wondering whether or not a law should ban pit bull in town altogether.

The fight to ban pit bulls and reduce the number of dangerous dog attacks in Mount Holly is resident Todd Young. Young and his greyhound, Cheyenne, were attacked by an aggressive pit bull several weeks ago within the city limits. According to Young, the pit bull was not fenced or on a leash and attacked without prodding during a neighborhood walk. The pit bull bit Young on the leg and hand and took his dog by the throat. The dog needed extensive vet care and suffered gouges on her legs, throat, and ears. She also lost teeth.

The pit bull was quarantined for ten days but then released to its owner despite the dog’s history of violence attacks against dogs and humans. Now Young is leading the charge against the historically aggressive dogs in his city. Many, he said, can’t walk on the streets without fear, while others worry about their young children playing safely in their neighborhood.

Statistically, pit bulls are responsible for the majority of dog attacks and dog bite fatalities, though many blame irresponsible owners for the dog attacks and not the breed itself. Hundreds of other municipalities across the country have banned pit bulls, though some pet lovers believe that the law is unfair to the breed.

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