Does Your Bottled Water Actually Come From a Natural Spring?

Posted on Jan 16, 2013

false advertising bottled waterThe food industry giant Nestlé has been sued over a claim that the 5 gallon jugs of Ice Mountain water it sold to the plaintiff for his office dispensers were falsely advertised as containing natural spring water when in reality they were simply filled with regular tap water.  

It appears that bottled water increasingly comes from the tap.  

A 2009 report found that nearly half of the bottled water in PET plastic bottles came from municipal sources.  

The Chicago Faucet Shoppe has been buying Ice Mountain water since 2008 based upon its belief that the water was true spring water containing naturally occurring minerals.  

However, in July 2012 an executive of the company learned of the water's true origin by an employee.  

Although the labels on the bottle of Ice Mountain water and in print ads and advertisement on the side of delivery trucks say that the water is: "100 percent natural spring water." The suit by the Chicago Facet Shoppe claims that the water in fact comes from a regular municipal tap facet.  

In 2003, Nestlé settled a similar suit for $10M which claimed the company was guilty of false labeling.  

That class action suit, filed in Connecticut, disputed Nestlé's claim that the water in bottles of Poland Spring came from an underground spring source deep in the woods in Maine. In fact, the water came from a well located in paved parking lots.  

The most recent suit is filed on behalf of consumers in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri who purchased Ice Mountain brand water in 5 gallon jugs.  

This story may remind readers from the south about a routine done by humorist "Brother Dave Gardner" in one of his albums about "dumb Southerners" selling water (ice cubes) to the Yankees when they came through the south. Besides, Dunn City Manager Ronnie Autry knows that good tap water from the City of Dunn is better than mountain spring water any day. 

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