Delays Continue for NC State Fair Vortex Ride Injuries

Posted on Apr 24, 2015

vortex ride accidentEarlier this year, a judge in Greensboro postponed the settlement for the injury case involving the Vortex ride accident at the North Carolina State Fair in 2013. According to local news reports, the judge is pleased with the settlement figure, but is concerned about the distribution of the award. The current case involves the injured parties and the ride operators, another case between the victims and the company that organizes the state fair is pending.

The Vortex ride accident caused severe brain injuries and spinal trauma, broken bones, and other injuries. Amusement park ride accidents often involve several layers of liability. The proper safety protocol might have been overlooked, the rides might not have been serviced by licensed professionals, regular maintenance might have been missed, the ride operator could have made an error, and a number of other factors could contribute to an accident. In this particular case, local news reports and court documents have shown safety systems were bypassed and the ride was operating without a certificate. 

How are ride operators held accountable? North Carolina might make increase the consequences for parties held liable for amusement park ride accidents; a bill is currently pending in the state legislature. To learn how current laws apply to accidents at the state fair and other amusement parks across the state, schedule a free case review with our injury attorneys in Cary.

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