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Defective Gun Allegedly Cost North Carolina Girl Her Life

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

gun accidentsA North Carolina gun accident was allegedly caused by faulty manufacturing. The surviving family members of a teenage girl are suing Remington and citing negligent gunmaking.

Remington, the North Carolina-based company, handles productions and sales of firearms to law enforcement, defense, and military clients, as well as to the hunting and shooting markets. They are the oldest gunmaker in the United States. The gun that killed Jasmine Thar, 16, was a Remington fired by her neighbor who was cleaning his weapon at the time it accidentally fired. Jasmine was in her front yard about to go shopping with a family member when the bullet shot and killed her and wounded two others nearby. 

A verdict has not been returned in this lawsuit yet. Until the case is over, there may be other acts of negligence that Jasmine's family may pursue. Was the firearm properly maintained by its owner, or did it misfire as a result of poor maintenance? Did the gun owner make alterations that caused it not to work according to the manufacturer's standards? 

Accidents involving firearms in North Carolina often cause life-long injuries if they are not fatal. Paralysis and brain injuries are some of the more severe possibilities in addition to disfigurement and scarring. Responsible gun owners may find themselves as victims in accidents as well. Whether the gun misfired or the victim was in a hunting accident, there may be a negligent party to pursue for compensation. Before the statute of limitations runs out after an accident, check with one of our Raleigh injury lawyers for a complimentary case review.

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