Has a Cure for Cancer Been Found?

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

           Cancer robs the lives of an estimated 7.6 million of people across the globe each year, according to MNT. In America alone, ABC News estimates 1.3 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Radiation is a common form of treatment used to kill fast developing cancer cells, but radiation does not work for every patient. Over the past several years, there have been several advances in cancer treatments, such as immunotherapy and virus-killing cancer. Each method has seen success and failure, but now a Canadian veterinarian says there is a cure.

            An Ontario Veterinary College has been testing animals with cancer by using a new form of treatment. The researchers involved, along with Byram Bridle, a pathobiology professor, believe this form of treatment could cure humans.

            Bridle states, "It's revolutionized the way we conduct the research in mice. We've gone from cancers we could not ever cure to being able to cure them using this strategy."

Here is how it works:

            First, a cancer-curing virus (also known as an oncolytic virus) must be injected into a patient. After the virus is injected, it will make its way to the spleen. The virus will target the memory cells inside of the spleen so the second cancer-fighting virus can be injected into the spleen. This gives the immune system the ability to fight against cancer cells and kill them.

            People are currently being tested with this new form of treatment in clinical trials. Bridle has high hopes for this new cancer-killing method.


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