Craven County Girl Survives in Car Two Days after Rollover Crash

Posted on Dec 07, 2011
A nine-year-old girl in Craven County, North Carolina spent two days trapped in a car with her deceased father after the car ran off of the road and crashed.
According to the Daily Mail, the young girl, Jordan Landon, went to a local convenience store on Friday night, November 11, and bought a few snacks and sports drinks. On their way home, her father, 39-year-old Doug Landon, lost control of the car. The vehicle left the roadway, slammed into a cluster of trees, and rolled over. Doug died in the car accident, and Jordon was trapped in the crushed car by her seat belt. She spent the next two days shouting for help and surviving on the Pop Tarts and Gatorade.
Because the car came to rest so far from the road, authorities did not find the girl for two days. It took emergency crews an hour to extract Jordon from the vehicle. She was airlifted to Pitt County Memorial Hospital, but only suffered minor injuries and is expected to recover completely.
Police say that speeding was likely a factor in the North Carolina car accident and that the speedometer on the car read 110 miles per hour after the accident.
The NC personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates send their deepest condolences to Jordan and her mother, Claudette Leohmann.

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