Couple Charged For North Carolina Senior Citizen Death From Neglect

Posted on Feb 25, 2010
A couple has been jailed for elderly abuse after taking a woman from her North Carolina nursing home and severely neglecting her for months.

Police say that 74-year-old Betty Johnson died in early February from what appears to serious, long-term neglect. The doctor who declared her dead at Baptist Medical Center Nassau said that she died of organ failure but showed signs of caretaker abuse such as multiple pressure sores, severe dehydration, low temperature, and weak vital signs.

Johnson was under the care of her grandson, 33-year-old Antoin Giovan Johnson, and his wife, 29-year-old Latasha Matrele Johnson, for just over two months before the woman died. They took the woman from her nursing home in Kinston, North Carolina, without asking to see medical records or other information that was vital to her proper care. According to police, the grandmother suffered from gout, high blood pressure, and dementia, but had not been treated for her ailments.

Although it appears that the couple did buy and apply some medical ointments to the woman over her time with them, they did not provide a proper environment or proper care. Initial police investigation shows that the woman was probably kept on a beach chair in a small apartment day and night, where her constant immobility seriously harmed her health.

Antoin Johnson was also faces probation violation charges. Both are expected to be charged after the results of an autopsy are examined. They are both being held on a $100,000 bond.

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