Chicago Animal Control Attempts to Decrease Dog Bite Cases

Posted on Jun 30, 2017

During the summer, when kids are out of school, dog bite cases are likely to increase according to the Chicago Tribute

"Anytime kids are out of school and it's nice out, we receive a higher number of dog bite reports." Robin Van Sickle, the program coordinator for animal care and control in Lake County, IL stated in the Chicago Tribute. She and her team are taking a new approach to handling dog bite cases. They have already seen a decrease of 121 dog bites in the past two years since they have started their educational program.

They have been educating young children on how to prevent a dog from attacking.

Her basic message is this: "Do not approach a stray dog, do not run away from the dog, slowly walk, do not scream, and always try to find something you can put in between you and the dog. That way, if the dog bites, it will bite the object you're holding and not you."

Van Sickle and her team have been traveling to schools and hosting programs where they teach kids to protect themselves from stray dogs.

Their "Dog Bite Prevention" presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

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