Cherry Mental Hospital Still Under Investigation for Neglect & Deaths

Posted on May 29, 2009

According to the News & Observer, the problems with patient negligence, patient deaths, and mysterious injuries continues. Even though a recent Cherry Hospital death has been ruled as natural, the investigation has revealed that the administrators at the mental hospital have failed to follow several laws before and after the incident.

The Goldsboro, North Carolina home for the mentally ill did not lawfully report the death of 43-year-old Kenneth Gore, who died under questionable circumstances in October 2008. A report of the death was only made by hospital administrators until after media outlets brought the mysterious death into public interest.

Although Gore's death has found to have been natural by North Carolina's chief medical examiner, this will not be the end of troubles for Cherry Hospital. Although the medical examiner concluded that the death was a combination of kidney issues and heart problems, nine other people who resided at the hospital have died under mysterious circumstances at the hospital since 2003. In at least three of those cases, Cherry Hospital was found to be somewhat to blame for the deaths, which included a suffocation, a choking, and a suicide.

It is also unclear whether or not Gore received sufficient care in the last few hours before his death. Records show that Gore had weak vital signs the day before his death and that at least one nurse recommended he be taken to a medical hospital. However, the physician's assistant on duty repeatedly ignored calls to examine the patients or transfer him.

The hospital lost its accreditation in September after repeated reports of patient neglect and patient abuse.

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