Charlotte Woman Struggles after Social Security Disability Increase

Posted on Apr 24, 2012
A Charlotte woman who recently received an increase Social Security disability benefits now faces an impossibly big deductible when receiving medicine from North Carolina’s Medicaid program.

For the first time in several years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) made a cost of living adjustment for all recipients – a small increase in payments that reflects the higher prices of food and goods. While most people were happy to see a few extra dollars added to their checks, one woman in North Carolina found that her slightly higher income excluded her from other health care benefits.

Nancy Warren suffers from multiple sclerosis, lung disease, high blood pressure, and a heart murmur. Because of her health issues, which make it impossible to work, she receives $923 a month in Social Security disability. The cost of living adjustment, which started on January 1, upped the check by $33 dollars a month.

Unfortunately, this small bump in income makes it impossible to receive medication through Medicaid, which requires a $2,082 deductible every three months for those in her income bracket. Now, the woman is working with both Social Security and Medicaid to find a solution that will keep her medicated and alive. Social Security stated that while it could not take back the cost of living increase, it would work with Warren to find a solution.

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