Charlotte Nursing Home Neglect Allegedly Causes Sores

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

nursing home neglectThe family of a resident in a Charlotte nursing home has filed multiple complaints over the service their loved one has received--and has not received. Elizabeth Torrence is a nursing home resident in Charlotte who is now in her 90s. Since 2011, Torrence has received specialized care for sores and conditions that were allegedly a result of several areas of negligence:

  • Inadequate medication administration
  • Insufficient care and attention
  • Failure to order or provide necessary treatment
  • Failure to provide clean dressings for wounds

Nursing home neglect in North Carolina manifests physically and emotionally. The elderly are more susceptible to certain health conditions. When an elderly person is neglected, other health conditions may develop and could exacerbate serious ailments. These conditions may hasten deterioration and quality of life. All of these possibilities need to be addressed when making a nursing home neglect claim. Nursing home residents have rights and should be compensated appropriately if these rights are violated.

The nursing home under investigation where Torrence was residing is Wilora Lake. In 2012 the State Department of Health & Human Services ranked Wilora Lake below average and it received 2 out of 5 starts. As of March 2014, the center receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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