Charlotte Girl Struck By Van While Sledding

Posted on Jan 20, 2011
A seven-year-old girl from Indian Trail, North Carolina, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being struck by a van during a sledding trip. While the injuries are non-life-threatening, she does face a significant recovery time.

According to the Charlotte Observer, first grader Sarah King was sledding down a hill located near Brandon Oaks Parkway when she lost control, sledded over the sidewalk, and into the street. A passing van tried to veer and miss the girl, but struck her. A week after the accident, she was released from the hospital to continue her recovery at home.

Charlotte Police say that the driver of the van tried to avoid the crash and was not speeding or driving recklessly. No charges will be filed in the case.

North Carolina has seen an unusual amount of snow this winter, which means that thousands of school children have hit neighborhood hills with their sleds and snow gear. However, safety advocates worry that many North Carolina kids and families aren’t aware of the dangers of sledding or sledding accident prevention information.

To make sure your sledding is safe, you should:

•    Never sled when there is a hazard at the bottom of a hill, such as a road, body of water, or ditch.
•    Never try to jump your sled over obstacles or attempt to make sled jumps.
•    If you are approaching a hazard in your sled, roll off the side of the sled instead of riding it into danger.
•    Never stand on your sled.
•    Make sure the area is clear of people walking back up the hill when you begin your sled run.

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