ChainFree Asheville Works To Prepare Pet Owners For Tethering Law

Posted on Aug 14, 2010
North Carolina non-profit organization ChainFree Asheville is helping families across the city fence their yards and lower the chances of a dog bite or dog attack significantly.

On August 1, ChainFree Asheville celebrated its 50th dog fence, constructed for a low-income family and a dog named Bee. The organization hopes that the community of Asheville will help them celebrate their accomplishment by pledging $50 to the group and help make Asheville a safer place for dogs and humans.

CFA began two years ago with several missions. They helped pass the no tethering law in 2009, which outlaws chaining dogs in city limits. This dog law ensures that dogs do not spend all day and night chained and neglected, while also making children and others safer from aggressive dogs and dog attacks. Since chained dogs are often more violence and prone to bite (because they feel cornered) and because children can easily approach a chained dog as opposed to a fenced dog, tethered dogs often attack strangers and incur dog bite injuries.

In addition to fencing yards around Asheville, CFA also provides needy families and needy dogs with doghouses, toys, and flea and tick medicine. In some cases they have paid for fixing dogs, while in other cases they have placed neglected dogs in new and loving homes. This year, the CFA also wants to spread awareness about the benefits of not chaining your dog and how to raise a healthy, happy, and safe dog.

Dog owners will begin being fined for having a dog on a chain or tether in January 2011.

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