Cary Police Officer Injured In Motorcycle Crash On NC 55

Posted on Aug 24, 2011
The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a motorcycle crash after a Cary police officer was struck and seriously injured while attempting to make a traffic stop. Investigators believe that the police officer, 32-year-old Chad Penland, had on his sirens and his lights when he was hit.

The North Carolina motorcycle accident took place on NC 55 on Friday afternoon when Penland sped up to pull over a vehicle near Morrisville-Carpenter Road when a pickup truck traveling on the highway made a left turn in front of the officer. Penland was ejected from his motorcycle and landed on the pavement several yards away from the collision.

A 37-year-old nurse, Jessica Eliot, saw the motorbike accident occur and rushed to the man’s aid. She created tunicates for the man, helped him breathe, and directed standers-by until emergency medical responders arrived. The driver of the pickup truck that struck the policeman, 72-year-old Benjamin Rainey, was not injured in the crash although his wife was treated for minor injuries.

Penland, who has been a police officer for eight years in Cary, suffered serious injuries including broken bones and a broken jaw. A fund has been set up to help with the non-medical costs of the man’s accident, such as visits from faraway relatives.