Car and Cement Truck Accident Injures Five in Statesville, North Carolina

Posted on Aug 28, 2008
The Dispatch Online out of Statesville, North Carolina, reported that five local residents were injured when a car crashed into a cement truck on U.S. Highway 64 West on Monday, July 21, in Davidson County. Four of the injured were juveniles, while the man driving the cement truck was 46-year-old Philip Hanes of Perryman Road.

The driver, Laurin Amanda Beck, 18, was following behind the truck in her Toyota Corolla when the truck slowed down to make a left turn onto NC Highway 150. Beck did not respond quickly enough and failed to break for the truck. Her vehicle struck the back of the truck and the front end of her car wedged underneath the truck's back wheels, pinning Beck behind the wheel. It was a two-car accident with five people sustaining injuries from the crash. The cement truck driver was not injured.

North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the accident at 8:10 AM. The four young passengers in the car were freed by rescue workers, while Beck was extracted from the vehicle only after a 40-minute operation.

All five teens in the Corolla were transported to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Hospital. Three of the four passengers were released that day with minor injuries while the fourth child was kept for evaluation into Monday afternoon. Beck was released at 3 PM after receiving treatment for her injuries.

The accident resulted in three separate accidents at the scene, although none of the two other accidents resulted in serious injury for those involved in the car crashes. Due to the number of affected vehicles, however, traffic from Highway 64 was rerouted onto NC Highway 150 until the accident scene was cleared

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