Britthaven Nursing Home In Kinston Investigated For Medical Restraint

Posted on Mar 31, 2010
How common is the use of inappropriate medical restraints in North Carolina nursing homes? A recent investigation of Britthaven adult care facilities across NC has many concerned families wondering if their loved one might be given medication that is not prescribed to them.

After the death of one nursing home resident at the Kinston location of Britthaven (there are 33 locations in North Carolina), the chain of nursing homes is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and the Medicaid Investigations Unit of the Attorney General’s Office. Initial reports say that nine Alzheimer’s patients have tested positive for powerful prescription pain medication that was not supposed to be in their systems. One of the nine nursing home residents has died.

Britthaven President Randy Uzzell, who is already under fire for suspicious political contributions, insisted that he welcomed the investigation into medical restraint use at his nursing homes and hoped that authorities would get to the bottom of the matter and find the person responsible for the drugging.

He did, however, admit that staffing shortages, such as those seen at many of the Britthaven facilities, often leads to mistakes in medication and perhaps purposeful drugging. However, increasing the number of staff would not be possible with his budget because of the increased operating costs associated with better staff-patient ratios.

According to Uzzell, only the Kinston Britthaven nursing home is under investigation for inappropriate medical restraint use.

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