Britthaven Faces Another North Carolina Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Posted on Jul 21, 2010
Britthaven nursing homes, which have a long history of substandard care throughout their 43 locations across North Carolina, is at the center of another nursing home neglect lawsuit. According to the Charlotte News-Observer, Jadwiga Orlowski is suing Britthaven for the death of her husband, Marian Orlowski.

Jadwiga says that she moved her husband to the North Carolina nursing home in 2008, where he died two years later, on July 16, 2010. On the first day of his arrival at the nursing home two years ago, her husband was found on the floor of his room, having suffered a serious fall and a left hip fracture. Orlowski says that the nursing home staff did not provide her husband with proper bed rails and that they did not take into account his mental and physical health, as he had just had surgery and as he had been diagnosed with dementia. In addition, Orlowski says that the nursing home staff was negligent in monitoring her husband appropriately.

This NC nursing home lawsuit follows just weeks after nurse Angela Almore was charged with murder after allegedly giving multiple adult care residents dangerous doses of morphine. This, along with other incidents of abuse and neglect have Britthaven on the Division of Health Service Regulation’s watch list along with three other substandard nursing homes. Just last year, the nursing home company was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for another fall incident in which a patient was dropped during a bed transfer and broke both of her legs.

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