Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Dies Falling From Pickup Truck In NC

Posted on Dec 17, 2009
Chris Henry, a five-season Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver who had recently turned over a new leaf in his personal life was killed after falling out of a pickup truck driven by his fiancée during a domestic dispute.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police reported that the star football player was arguing with his soon-to-be wife Loleini Tonga when she attempted to drive away. Henry jumped into the back of the truck but was soon thrown out of the vehicle. Emergency responders rushed the NfL player to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, but he died of his severe injuries from his fall from the moving vehicle on early Thursday morning. The dispute and NC car accident took place around noon on Wednesday. He and Tonga were to be married in March.

Homicide detective in Charlotte are working on the case and trying to better understand what caused Henry to fall from the truck bed. The NC car accident took place on a residential road in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Henry had faced past problems with the law and his personal life in the past, but his last season on the Bengals, though colored by injury, had been a period of growth and peace for the talented wide receiver. Many credited Tonga with helping Henry mature after years of discipline problems. The team mourned his loss on Thursday, with Chad Ochocinco donning Henry’s number at practice. Henry left behind three children.

The exact cause of death is not yet known, and it is not yet know whether Tonga was present at the scene of the accident after Henry fell off of the Ford truck.

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