Benefit for Veterans With Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted on Jan 07, 2016


veterans disability benefit

Paralyzed veterans who experience paralysis as a result of a military-related spinal cord injury now enjoy a new benefit covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): Robotic legs. The VA will cover the costs of robotic legs for eligible veterans.

Previously, paralyzed veterans who wanted mobility through these devices had to source funding on their own. As with most new medical technologies, computer-assisted legs are not cheap. For example, a device produced by ReWalk Robotics costs more than $75,000. The initial cost does not take into account repairs and maintenance the device might require for the rest of the life of the user.

Now that that the VA has approved providing these devices for eligible veterans, what should veterans do?


  1. Contact the VA in your area for an evaluation. The devices are not universally suitable. Height and weight restrictions are imposed.
  2. If approved, visit a training center and learn how to safely use the device.


Although the device will help improve mobility, this particular device will not provide an opportunity for independence. The FDA requires another person to be nearby when a person uses the robotic leg device.

If you or someone you love is a veteran with paralysis, our North Carolina veterans disability attorneys outline a few opportunities for paralyzed veterans. Individuals who are just starting the veterans disability application process should review the basics. We have a page dedicated to different ways you can show that a disability is related to military service. Of course, we always offer free case evaluations. During an evaluation with one of our attorneys, you can learn about different laws, benefits, and options that are applicable to your unique disability.


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