Approval Pending for Toyota's $1.1B Settlement

Posted on Jun 19, 2013

stuck acceleratorFour years ago innocent people and families were killed or injured in car accidents as a result of a defect in Toyota and Lexus vehicles that caused unintended and uncontrollable acceleration. The car manufacturer has paid out millions already, not only to the surviving family members of individuals lost in car accidents caused by the defect, but also millions in fines to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to the way Toyota handled its recalls.

The "defect" that causes the unintended acceleration lies in the driver's side floor mat. Manufacturers instructed all owners of the recalled vehicles to remove the floor mats in order to prevent the gas pedal from getting stuck.

The stuck accelerators caused problems outside of injury and loss for innocent people. Before the stuck accelerators were announced, outside of North Carolina car accidents unknowningly caused by the unintended acceleration, some individuals involved with similar accidents in other states were arrested and jailed for "causing" accidents. Upon the announcement of the recall these innocent Toyota drivers were released. What if they lost work and their time in jail causes issues with future employment? This is another reason why it is important for anyone involved in a North Carolina car accident that was caused by a stuck accelerator or any other manufacturer defect to seek the counsel of an injury lawyer. Learn more about vehicle recalls and defects from our Raleigh injury lawyers.

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