Almost 3 Million Workplace Injuries Reported in US

Posted on Nov 03, 2012

North Carolina injured workers account for 10% of the almost 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries reported in the United States. For the first time in ten years, the national rate of private industry employees hurt at work did not decline.

Agriculture has the highest number of workplace injuries; it’s also one of only two industries that saw an increase in on-the-job industries last year. As the number of injured farm workers rises, the number of farms and dairy producers continues to go up.
What about healthcare workers injured at work and employees in retail who suffer back injuries from moving inventory products? Healthcare is one of only two industries that experienced a reduced rate of workers hurt on the job.

About half of all on-the-job injuries didn’t prevent employees from going to work. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to injured workers whether or not an employee’s on-the-job injury requires them to miss work. The NC workers’ comp benefit system helps workers who were hurt on the job by covering the costs of their medical care and providing lost wages when their injuries do prevent them from going to work and completing their job duties. No matter what industry a worker is employed in, anyone hurt at work or while completing duties for their occupation in North Carolina can apply for workers’ comp benefits.

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