Car & Truck Collide in Jonesville, North Carolina

Posted on Dec 08, 2008

According to the Yadkin Ripple, a car and truck crash at the intersection of I-77 and NC 67 in North Carolina could have been much more serious than it was - with the truck narrowly missing striking the gas tank of the other vehicle. Neither driver was seriously injured, although both had to be treated for injuries at a hospital.

Local news reports shared the account of eyewitness Mike Chen, who was also driving on I-77 at the time. He said it seemed like the Ford Taurus ran the stop light while merging onto the highway and did not see the truck already on the road. The driver of the Taurus was Candy Brooks, 36, of Sparta, North Carolina. The passenger in the car was Tommy Brooks Jr., 36, of Elkin, North Carolina.

The truck was being driven by Harry Knox of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was driving a flatbed truck carrying a locomotive engine. The company he was driving for was Daily Express, Inc. The truck, which was heading northbound on I-77. The car struck his back passenger-side tires and narrowly missed the truck's gas tank.

The Jonesville No. 17 Fire Department and the Yadkin County EMS responded to the accident. Although both car occupants had minor injures, both where able to walk on their own and climb into the Yakdin County ambulance, which took them to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin.

Police Chief R.L. Reece, along with Knox, moved the truck from NC 67 and into a nearby parking lot to inspect the vehicle. The pair found red paint from the Ford on the passenger side wheel and axel as well as a rip in the tire itself, which will have to be replaced. The damage was just inches from the gas tank.