Candler, NC Dog Attacks 9-Year-Old Riding Bike

Posted on Jun 23, 2009

north carolina dog attackNews Channel 7 reporting out of North Carolina covered the story of Buncombe County's latest dog attack case - this time a nine-year-old girl from Candler, NC. The dog bite incident took place on Friday night on Corvette Drive in Chandler, North Carolina, when the girl was riding her bike around the neighborhood. Three local dogs, two pit bulls and a rottweiler, bit the girl's arms and legs and caused serious injuries and emotional trauma.

According to Animal Control officials, all three dogs were taken to Buncombe County Animal Control where they will spend a 10-day quarantine in secure and supervised cages as outlined under North Carolina law.

The dogs will only be put down if their owner surrenders the dogs to Buncombe County. The dog owner may also reclaim the dogs as long as they pay a $200 dangerous animal fee for each dog and acquire $100,000 worth of insurance for each dog. If surrendered, the dogs would not be available to the public for adoption. The owner may also pay $200 per day to keep the dogs safely in the shelter until a decision is made regarding their future.

Family members of the girl who suffered the dog bites told reporters that the she was in good condition at a local hospital. She was release four days after the attack.

The dog owner, Pamela Bechinski, 47, will face charges in the attack - for owning dogs that bite, for not vaccinating her pets, for not having her dogs neutered, and for allowing her dogs to roam freely.

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