38 Kids Injured In North Carolina Chain Reaction Bus Crash

Posted on Dec 27, 2010
A multiple school bus accident on Highway 64 in Cary, North Carolina, has resulted in minor injuries for 38 children on their way to a field trip. The driver of one of the buses involved in the crash has been cited by North Carolina Police for failing to decrease speed and avoid a collision, a ticket of about $200 when considering court fees.

The chain-reaction bus crash took place on Monday morning, December 20, when one bus rear-ended the bus in front of it, which in turn slammed into the bus in front of that. The three buses were carrying 158 eighth graders from North Asheboro Middle School who were on their way to a field trip to the North Carolina Museums of History and Natural Sciences.

The bus driver, 40-year-old Boyce Goldston, was responsible for the bus accident, North Carolina Police said. It is not clear if the bus in front of Goldston’s bus stopped suddenly for any reason, or why Goldston was unable to stop his bus when the bus in front of his slowed.

The dozens of injured children were treated and all of them have been released from the hospital. The injuries were described as minor. All of the students boarded replacement buses and were brought back to their school in North Asheboro where they were met by parents and family members. It is not clear if the field trip will be rescheduled.