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Toyota Corolla and Matrix Recalls in 2013

Posted on Jan 30, 2013

toyota airbag recallToyota is issuing yet another recall. Toyota is starting off 2013 with a recall of select Corolla and Matrix models due to faulty airbag deployment. The recall comes at the discovery of an small chip's dangerous response to normal electric currents in the vehicle. The chip is responsible for deploying air bags. 

In addition to burns and abrasions, airbag injuries may cause facial reconstruction surgeries, damage to vision, head trauma and other permanent injuries--including death. Over a dozen minor injuries have been caused as a result of the defective manufacturing. Now over a million vehicles will be recalled so that the chip malfunction in the airbag control unit can be repaired and respond properly and safely to electrical interference.

The faulty manufacturer responsible for the airbag control unit causing these problems is TRW Automotive Holding Corp, the chip itself is created by an unnamed organization.

If you drive a 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla or Matrix, contact your dealership immediately. If you or your loved ones experienced injuries related to the faulty deployment of airbags, contact our Raleigh car accident lawyers and read more about  airbag changes in new car manufacturing here.

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