How Insurance Companies are Structured for Injury Claims

out of court settlements in North CarolinaMany consumers believe insurance companies are automatically on their side. Injured persons are scrutinized by the insurance company. They can attack a victim's character, pry into personal and medical histories to try and find facts to use against the claimant. They will use anything in the victim's past, whether or not it has anything to do with the claim, to discourage you from seeking the money you deserve.

Insurance industry publicity and advertising campaigns have tried to influence the general public that an injured person is cheating the system. The purpose of this unfair campaign is to try to convince individuals who might eventually become jurors that victims should not recover for their injuries.

Their other purpose is also to persuade lawmakers (U.S. Congressmen and State Legislators) to do away with longstanding laws that protect all citizens from harm from drunk drivers and other wrongdoers. The insurance industry calls this “tort reform.”

The success that insurance companies have had in tainting the minds of jurors has caused them to offer “low ball” settlements and forced injured people to either accept inadequate offers or go to court. Learn about arbitration and mediation. However, when you have a meritorious claim and have been injured, insurance companies can pay an adequate award if they know the victim will go to court to protect their rights.

Accident Injury Attorneys On Your Side in North Carolina

That is where our North Carolina injury attorneys come in. We show the insurance company that we can negotiate an out-of-court settlement and are willing to take them to court with your claim if necessary. If you have a valid claim, we can help you “make things right.” Submit a request for a complimentary case evaluation.