Workers' Comp Vocational Rehab Counselors are Not Your Friend

When a vocational rehabilitation professional is assigned to your case, you should maintain frequent contact with your workers' comp lawyer.

Vocational rehabilitation professionals are not your friend. They work for the insurance company. Their goal is to help the insurance company pay out as little as possible, which usually involves attempts to cut off workers' comp payments.

The job of the vocational rehabilitation professional is to terminate benefits by whatever means are available. You should understand that they are not your friend and that they are working hard against you. Otherwise, they would not be able to continue working for insurance companies in the workers' compensation arena. They would simply be eliminated and replaced by someone who will do the bidding of the insurance company. 

You should be extremely careful around vocational rehabilitation professionals. In most of the cases in which the insurance industry seeks to terminate benefits for the employee, that effort will be based upon a report or other work of the vocational rehabilitation professional. 

The North Carolina Industrial Commission will suspend workers’ compensation benefits if it finds that the injured employee has not fully cooperated with all vocational rehabilitation efforts.

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