After a Hit-and-Run in North Carolina, Here's What You Need

hit-and-run accident lawyers raleighNorth Carolina hit-and-run accidents put accident victims in a position where they must pursue compensation through their UM (uninsured motorist) insurance coverage. It is possible a hit-and-run victim will find obstacles trying to recover reasonable compensation from their UM coverage.

We have a dedicated negotiator on staff who has completed specialized training in settlement negotiation. Our hit-and-run accident lawyers in Raleigh use their successful history of handling insurance disputes, their experience through North Carolina law, and their knowlege of insurance loopholes to open a dialogue with insurance companies and win accident victims the full amount they deserve as outlined in their policy.

After a North Carolina hit-and-run accident, what should an injured person do? Read our 3 Tips After a Hit-and-Run in NC to learn the first steps, and read on to learn more:

Some insurance policies have coverage restrictions dependent on when the policy holder notified law enforcement officers of the hit-and-run accident. One of the most important things for a hit-and-run accident victim to do following the accident is to make certain it is reported to the police. Retain accident reports for yourself so that you can provide a copy to your hit-and-run accident lawyer in Raleigh and your insurance company.

As we noted earlier, the process to recover UM coverage from an insurance company may be frustrating. Policy holders may find themselves in situations where they are not receiving the coverage intially outlined in their policies. Policy holders may also experience unreasonable delays. In this situations, our hit-and-run accident lawyers in Raleigh bring forward their successful insurance dispute experience. Having successfully settled insurance disputes for property coverage, health insurance, and auto policies, our lawyers know exactly how to speak with insurance companies to cite the laws that protect the policy holder.