Med-Pay Stands For Medical Payments Coverage

Med-Pay stands for Medical Payments Coverage. Med-Pay is an optional coverage in an insurance policy that pays for reasonable expenses for necessary healthcare costs due to the insured’s injuries in an accident.


No matter who is at fault in the accident, Med-Pay will cover medical bills up to your coverage limit for you, your family, and passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident. There are no deductible levels or co-payment fees. Raleigh car accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates recently blogged about the record-breaking deer-car collisions reported in North Carolina—with Wake County claiming the #1 spot eleven years in a row. Victims of deer-car collisions who do not have Med-Pay are responsible for medical care expenses related to their accident injuries.


Special requirements must be met in order to qualify for Med-Pay. The insured must be injured and their injuries must incur medical expenses. A licensed physician must deem medical treatments necessary in order for them to be covered. The insured must have active Med-Pay coverage at the time of the accident; this means an injured accident victim without coverage cannot authorize retroactive Med-Pay coverage.


What does Med-Pay cover? Ambulance fees, prosthetics, physical therapy and chiropractic services, dental work and more are satisfied by Med-Pay coverage.


What is not covered by Med-Pay? Treatments not recognized by the United States, experimental treatments, and medical treatment costs that exceed your coverage limit will not be covered. If you are operating a vehicle as a transportation service, like a taxi company, Med-Pay coverage is not available. Accident victims are also not eligible for Med-Pay if the car accident was a result of a war.


Our Raleigh car accident lawyers help accident victims receive compensation expenses associated with their accident injuries. Insured victims are entitled to the coverage outlined in their policies--if their claim is denied, our Raleigh insurance dispute attorneys can help. Contact us for a free consultation.