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Returning soldiers often come back home with disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses sustained while fighting and serving abroad. To provide for the disabled servicemen and women, the United States Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) administers a disability benefits program to compensate those who were injured in the line of duty and became disabled as a result. To ensure your legal rights to these benefits in North Carolina, you should seek a veterans' disability lawyer in Dunn.

It has been estimated that as many as 60,000 service personnel have become disabled as a result of their foreign tours inIraqsince 2003, and the number of older disabled veterans from previous engagements is several times that number.

Fortunately, a law was passed in 2007 that allows veterans to retain the services of a dedicated veterans' disability attorney in order to help them with the process of pursuing their compensatory benefits. Now, veterans no longer have to face the intimidating process by themselves. 

If you are a disabled veteran, or if you are a dependent or surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, you may very well be qualified for federal financial aid, and our veterans advocates in Dunn at the Law Offices of Brent Adams & Associates can help you get the benefits that you deserve.

Qualifying for Veterans' Disability Lawyer in Dunn, NC

Some veterans may be eligible for both Social Security disability and veterans' disability benefits, but although the two systems are intended to provide roughly the same kind of compensation to the disabled, the VA system differs significantly. 

For instance, under the Social Security system, you must be totally disabled, or you're not qualified for benefits. Conversely, under the VA system, you can receive compensation for a disability that's rated as low as 10%. By allowing for partial disability, the VA lowers the risk of excluding veterans who are limited by their service-time injuries and conditions.

The degree of disability is largely what governs how much aid you will receive; someone with an 80% disability rating will receive more compensation than someone with a 10% disability rating, for instance, because the veteran with the 80% rating is more hampered by his or her condition.

On the other hand, you are still subject to a medical examination; these typically are performed by a VA doctor, and it's a given that these examinations and their resultant ratings may be biased. However, unlike the SSA, the VA doesn't give deferential weight to the physician's opinion, acknowledging that those opinions may be biased in some way against the veteran.

Finally, the VA allows for additional avenues of compensation in instances of severe disability. These are called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) benefits, and they are appended to a veterans' disability payment for the loss of certain limbs, functions or organs, including the loss of vision, speech, hearing, reproductive organ, breast tissue (by radiation or mastectomy), buttocks and range of movement (paralysis).

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