Verify a North Carolina Employer's Workers' Comp Insurance

North Carolina requires that employers with three or more employees maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage. Some exceptions apply. For instance, some independent contractors might be covered, particularly in the truck industry. The Industrial Commission maintains a free online database of all employers' workers' comp insurance coverage information. Even if an injury occurred a year or more in the past, the worker can search the database by injury date to learn which insurance company policy was active at the time of the injury.

Access the
North Carolina Insurance Coverage Search System

Searching the system can help the individual complete a Form 18, a required document that alerts the Industrial Commission about your injury. The document must be filed with the Industrial Commission within two years of the date of injury or illness. Information about the employer's insurance carrier is optional on the Form 18. Completing the insurance information is helpful, but not required.

Although insurance requirements for employers are in place, not all employers comply with these regulations. Sometimes employees learn about their employer's violation after someone is hurt at work. At the following link our North Carolina workers' comp attorneys explain more about what a worker can do if their employer does not have comp coverage. The worker may pursue the employer directly, file a complaint with the Industrial Commission, and could be eligible for benefits from local sources.

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