How Much is My North Carolina Injury Case Worth?

North Carolina accident victims want to know: How much is my case worth? Car accident lawyers at Brent Adams offers a series of videos explaining case valuation.

Here are links to ten videos that explore various factors of car accident claims in North Carolina and how each one affects the value of a case:

  1. Damages - Measuring damages and losses in an injury case involves consideration of several losses.
  2. Property Damage - Among the types of damages that affect a case's value, property damage is one that requires special attention.
  3. Car Damage - Vehicle repairs are not the only cost when it comes to car damages. What about loss of use for the time your vehicle was unavailable? 
  4. Medical Bills - Immediate treatment following an accident is not the only cost to consider. What long-term medical costs will accident victims face?
  5. Pain - How do you measure the value of pain? Raleigh car crash lawyer Brent Adams explains.
  6. Missing Work and Lost Wages - Time away from work means missing paychecks. This may create debt, bad credit, missed payments, and more. How can accident victims be compensated for this loss?
  7. Permanent Injuries - An accident victim who recovers from injuries in just a few weeks will not have a case valued the same as a victim whose life has been irrevocably changed as a result of accident injuries.
  8. Mileage - A vehicle's mileage is another factor accident victims may overlook when trying to figure out how much their North Carolina injury case is worth.
  9. The Formula - Brent Adams explains the formula used to value North Carolina personal injury cases.
  10. What is My North Carolina Injury Case Worth? - Now that you know the factors and the formula, discover your case's value.