Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Staff Properly Trained?

Many people wrongfully believe that all instances of nursing home abuse and neglect take place because of malicious, uncaring, or plain evil nursing home staff members who beat and harm their wards or else leave their elderly residents in squalid and unsafe conditions. While over the years we have seen some truly horrific nursing home abuse and neglect cases that did indeed involve grossly neglectful or just plain cruel nursing home employees, not all abuse and neglect cases look the same.

For example, a surprising number of nursing home injuries and deaths are caused simply by inexperienced or untrained nursing home staff members. Because of low wages, poor benefits, and poor working conditions, many nursing homes struggle to find enough workers. In fact, North Carolina nursing homes are often woefully understaffed and the employee turnover is very high. The result of this problem is that many nursing home staffers have very little experience and inadequate training. In some cases, this lack of knowledge and training can lead to a dangerous or even deadly mistake.

Even when nursing home staffers have good intentions, and even when they are working as hard as they can to keep their residents healthy and happy, if they do not have the tools, the know-how, or the time to do their job right, injuries and accidents can happen.  An untrained nurse could:

•    Administer medication in an incorrect way, or administer the wrong medication.
•    Not know how to safely and correctly move immobile residents to or from their bed.
•    Not understand how to care for patients with dementia or other age-related diseases.
•    Not understand how to correctly deal with an aggressive or unruly patient.
•    Not know when to report medical conditions or alarming behavior to a manager.

If your loved one has been harmed because of a lack of staff training or experience, the nursing home could be at fault for not properly training their employees for their jobs. Talk to us today about your North Carolina nursing home abuse or neglect case.