Defective Drug Recall Levels

recalled drugsWhen a drug is removed from the market, this is referred to as a “recall.” All recalls must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whether it is a recall requested by a firm or by FDA themselves.

There are four different types of recalls:

  1. Class I Recall: A situation has occurred in order to provide a reason the drug used will cause serious health consequences or death.
  2. Class II Recall: A situation occurred that proves the product may cause medically reversible health problems or the product may not be likely to cause any sever health issues.
  3. Class III Recall: This type or recall takes place when the drug has shown no indication of causing potential life threatening or reversible health problems.
  4. Market Withdrawal: This situation occurs when a product slightly violates the FDA rules. The firm can remove the product from consumption or correct the issue.


Learn more about whether or not an individual should continue or stop taking a recalled drug. The answer depends on the FDA's instructions and doctor's orders.