Truck Accident Attorneys in Raleigh, NC

truck accident attorneys raleigh ncLarge tractor trailers have been greatly increasing in presence on North Carolina roads and highways - especially in Raleigh and Fayetteville. Transporting everything from furniture, lumber, and clothing, to dairy, meat, and other food products, many of the truck drivers on the roads today drive further in a week than many of us do in an entire year. Though most truck drivers are safe and courteous, many are forced to work long hours and drive long distances in a short period of time, which can often lead to careless operator errors. Many times, these errors can result in a collision or other type of accident in which other drivers are hurt. If you have been injured in a Raleigh auto accident involving a tractor trailer, you may be entitled to compensation from the driver and the trucking company for your medical bills and other losses.

At the North Carolina personal injury law offices of Brent Adams & Associates, our one and only priority is to fight for you. Our dedicated team of truck accident attorneys and paralegals are experienced in federal and North Carolina traffic laws. We make every effort to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

North Carolina Injury Laws and Truck Accidents

It is first very important to understand that the laws governing large trucks and truck drivers are dramatically different than those laws dealing with the average car driver. Since you are dealing with a driver and a trucking company, the laws regulating how the two are to be paired together in terms of responsibility have to be different as well. The driver, their qualifications, and the trucking company in question all have to be taken into consideration in each individual North Carolina truck accident, in addition to the separate and differing circumstances surrounding each accident.

If you have been injured in a North Carolina truck accident, it is vital you have a truck accident attorney in Raleigh who knows and understands the laws governing these kinds of situations/ Brent Adams is an experienced North Carolina truck accident attorney and is happy to put his knowledge and expertise to work for you to get the results you deserve.

North Carolina Truck Accident Settlements

At Brent Adams & Associates, all of our North Carolina truck accident attorneys have years of experience dealing with serious multi-axle collisions. A truck accident attorney needs to have a vast depth of knowledge in a variety of different areas, including commercial insurance, truck mechanics and operations, as well as federal trucking guidelines and regulations such as drug and alcohol testing and hours of service/work requirements.

It is imperative that the truck accident attorney you choose to represent you and your family has the expertise and experience to get you the results you deserve. Truck accidents are extremely costly for trucking companies that are operating on short schedules and deadlines, so many insurance companies representing these trucking companies can be very eager to settle any claims. Find a good truck accident attorney in Raleigh to ensure you will not be taken advantage of by unfair insurance companies.

Raleigh, NC Truck Accident Attorneys

Do not let an unfortunate truck driving accident ruin your life. You have rights; and if you have been injured in any way by a negligent truck driver, you may be entitled to a generous sum of monetary compensation for your suffering and injuries. The first step is ensuring you have a good truck accident attorney, one who is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the often complex nature of trucking accidents. Contact our lawyers for a free case evaluation.

It will cost you nothing to have your case reviewed by one of our experienced lawyers. Once you have all the information you need, you can make the informed decision as to whether or not you wish to continue with your claim. We will make every effort to ensure you see maximum results.