Traumatic Brain Injury Cases in NC

brain injury claimsAn American suffers a brain injury every 21 seconds. Out of the thousands of people who suffer one every day, about 650 incur a brain injury so severe and debilitating that it permanently changes the way they live. These unfortunate people are unable to enjoy the simple things in life that we take for granted, like eating, walking, drinking, or talking. Anyone who has sustained even a minor brain injury can be torn from the life they had always known with little hope of recovery. In many cases, extensive and long-term medical care is required for the rest of the injured person’s life. Although nothing can replace the life they once had, it is comforting to know that the Raleigh and Fayetteville brain injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates can help recover damages if someone else’s negligence is to blame for the injury.

Causes of Brain Injury

Behind strokes, automobile accidents are the greatest cause of brain damage. Whether it is the negligence of a driver or the recklessness of a drunk driver, even minor accidents can produce devastating results. Often these injuries are not immediately apparent. Symptoms can develop years after the accident. If you or someone you love has sustained a head injury in an automobile accident, do not hesitate—contact us immediately. We will advise you on how to obtain comprehensive medical and legal analyses of the injury. If we find evidence for a case against a negligent party, our brain injury experts will navigate the complex laws and regulations concerning these injuries to provide you with the greatest possible protection and compensation the law has to offer.

There are countless other causes of brain injury and our attorneys have experience with these cases as well. Some other causes include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you been in a slip and fall accident that was caused by dangerous or hazardous conditions such as water, ice, snow, dangerous stairs, changes in flooring, poor lighting, or a hidden hazard like a hole in the ground? The land owner may be liable for such injuries.

Viral Infections

Many viral infections such as encephalitis and meningitis can seriously affect the central nervous system and cause devastating brain damage leading to long term cognitive and physical problems. Do you or does someone you know have a viral infection that was not timely diagnosed or treated? Have you been accidentally exposed to a viral infection in a health facility? You may be eligible for compensation.

Trauma During Pregnancy

We all know how important it is for a pregnant woman to be physically and mentally healthy during pregnancy. Any compromise to a woman’s well-being while she is with child can permanently affect both of their lives. Call us at Brent Adams & Associates for a free and confidential consultation immediately if you suspect that a pregnancy may have been affected by trauma inflicted upon the mother.

Medical Malpractice During Delivery

Medical providers may be held responsible for birth injuries resulting from medical complications during labor and delivery. Examples include traumatic delivery, inability to timely perform an emergency Cesarean section, failure to detect the umbilical cord wrapped around a baby's neck, overlooking signs of oxygen deprivation in the fetus, etc. If you have experienced any of these, you and your baby may be a victim of medical malpractice.

Types of Brain Injury

In addition to the many causes of brain injury, there are also many different types of injury, some more severe than others. In some cases, brain damage can be treated with surgery, but the patient may be left with long term pain and limited abilities. Sometimes years of rehabilitation are needed and in the most extreme cases a victim of brain injury can require constant care for the rest of their life. If you think you have a brain injury claim, fill out our free case evaluation form and let Brent Adams & Associates determine if you have valid case.

Brent Adams & Associates: Our Mission Is Your Well Being

Brent Adams & Associates has made helping the injured a priority, and to that end we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of benefits and compensation under the law. While no amount of money will ever replace the life of a person who has suffered a debilitating brain injury, an experienced brain injury attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. A brain injury victim has already suffered enough. Suffering from financial burdens due to insurance company indifference should not be a factor. At Brent Adams and Associates, we’ll do our best to see that your financial needs will be accepted by those that were responsible for the accident.