Top Reasons Why Kids Visit the ER

top kid injuriesIf your child was hurt, they were likely part of the majority of minors and experienced one of the injuries below. Our accident attorneys in Raleigh have compiled the most common types of injuries that cause children to visit the emergency room. In each of the injuries below we explore possible areas of liability and how parents may be able to manage an injury claim while their child recovers:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries and concussions. One children's hospital found that ER visits for children involving brain injuries went up 92% over the past decade. The US Centers for Disease Control report that brain injuries cause over 630,000 ER visits for children annually, and 6,000 of these brain injuries are fatal. Our accident attorneys in Raleigh have witnessed dozens of causes of brain injuries. Children may slip-and-fall, be a victim in a car accident, get hurt playing sports--any number of possibilities. A lawyer can review who liable parties may be for a particular accident.
  2. Leg or foot injuries. These are usually the result of bicycle accidents. About 267,000 children experience nonfatal bike injuries every year, according to Safe Kids USA. Liability in bicycle accidents may revolve around poorly maintained roads, a negligent driver, a dog attack, or more. Biycle helmets are important for preventing serious injuries - regardless of whose fault the accident is.
  3. Shopping cart accidents. More than 24,000 children are hurt annually in shopping cart accidents. Falls from a shopping cart, cart tip-overs, and children getting trapped in shopping carts have caused brain injuries, soft tissue damage, and other injuries. The shopping center may be liable if they did not remove or repair a broken cart, or the manufacturer may be liable for injuries if the cart was not built properly.