2013 Top 5 States for Dog Bite Claims

2013 dog bite reportsThe 2013 reports of dog bites have been released by State Farm Insurance and the numbers show California has once again crowned the list. In fact, every state that made the top five has maintained their position. However, the insurance compensation paid out to dog bite victims has dropped slightly in most of the states. Our dog bite lawyers in Raleigh have the top five states listed below (ranked per number of claims) and the amount total claims have changed since last year:

  1. California - $14.7M (-$2.4M)
  2. Illinois - $8.9M (-$100,000)
  3. Ohio - $4.2M (-$800,000)
  4. Texas - $4M (-$300,000)
  5. Pennsylvania - $5.8M (+$1.3M)


North Carolina has once again not made its way to the top ranks when it comes to dog bite claims. Dog bite injuries still happen in North Carolina, and our lawyers can help manage your claim. Dog bites are serious injuries that can affect an innocent person's entire future. A victim may suffer muscle and tissue damage and experience loss of use or paralysis, scarring, disfiguration, or infections from dog bites, among other complications that physical injuries may cause. How should you be compensated? Fortunately, our dog bite lawyers offer free case evaluations. We know you are recovering and need to spend time focusing on yourself and your loved ones, so we can meet in any of our offices that are most convenient for you in Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Dunn, or we can come to you.

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