Top 10 Work Safety Violations of 2012

north carolina workers' comp lawyersNorth Carolina injured workers may be familiar with some of the top workplace safety violations of 2012. The latest work violation report was released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Workers in every industry are susceptible to injuries at work. Those in agriculture and construction are at a much higher risk of injury statistically. Even those who are not working around machinery or on high scaffolding can suffer serious work injuries. Repetitive stress injuries and slip-and-fall accidents can happen in any industry.

As you will read in the list below that shows the top workplace safety violations, the number one violation is inadequate fall protection. Safety equipment, procedures and systems must meet OSHA’s standards to help keep workers safe. Over 7,000 violations in this area were reported. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics will release 2012 figures later this year, but 2011 rates show that 225,550 reported cases of injuries caused by falls took place. Just imagine how many safety violations in workplaces exist that are not documented. Our Raleigh workers’ comp lawyers encourage you to speak up and file a complaint if you are concerned about your workplace’s safety. 

2012 Top Safety Violations in Workplaces

  1. Inadequate fall protection
  2. Poor communication of hazards
  3. Unsafe scaffolding
  4. Insufficient respirator protection
  5. Unapproved use of ladders