How Long Does It Take To Settle You Case?

​Many claimants who come into our office ask us how long it should take for their case to be settled.  

​As with many other legal questions, the time that it takes to settle a case is:  "It depends".  

​You certainly would not want to settle your case before you and your doctor determine the full nature and extent of your injuries and until your treatment in concluded.  

​You do not want to settle your case short by settling too quickly omitting certain information about your treatment.  

Medical Records Can Sometimes Determine How Long It Will Take To Settle A Case

​No two injuries are the same and it is many times difficult for a doctor to know exactly how long you need to be treated for your injuries.  That is why you should be patient and be sure that you have all the medical care you need before you try to settle your case.  At Brent Adams and Associates, our lawyers and case managers work hard to obtain all of your medical records relating to your treatment from the injuries as quickly as possible.  We monitor your treatment and learn when you have reached maximum medical improvement.  

​The term "maximum medical improvement" simply means that you have improved as much as your doctors feel is possible.  That is you have reached the maximum improvement that you will ever reach.  Unfortunately, in many cases this means that you have a permanent impairment and that there is nothing the doctors can do to improve that permanent impairment.  

​Once we gather all the medical records and all other records relating to your losses such as loss of income from work you had to miss, we submit a package to the insurance company setting out your claim and documenting the basis for your claim.  

​At that point, the case is in the hands of the adjuster.  

​We actively contact the adjuster to be sure they are working on your case and we engage the adjuster in conversations leading up to a settlement.  

​Many times the adjusters will try to put us off and say that they have not had time to examine the material we sent to them.  However, we put pressure on the insurance adjuster to deal with your case quickly, even before the other cases they have from other lawyers.  

​You have heard the expression "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".  We live by that motto in our law office especially when trying to settle your case quickly.  

​Once we have submitted a total package to the insurance adjuster, there is no reason why we can't settle your case within 3 weeks if it is going to settle.  However, many cases will not settle at that point.  

Insurance Company Factors

​As a practical matter, we should know whether or not your case will settle within 3 weeks from submitting a package to the insurance company.  If your case can settle within those 3 weeks, you should be receiving a check in our office within the next 2 weeks.  After that period of time we are required by law to hold the check in our trust account until the check clears.  Thereafter, we will disburse the net proceeds of the settlement to you.  

​We work hard at Brent Adams and Associates to settle your case quickly.  However, we will not short change you by settling too quickly and before your medical condition has resolved.  

​Once we see that your case cannot be settled, we file suit as quickly as possible to try to bring your case to trial as quickly as possible.  In most cases, we can bring your case to trial within 1 year from the date we file suit.