Top-Heavy ATVs May Cause Rollover Accidents

ATV rollover accidentsMotorsport recreation across North Carolina is popular in parts where land and space allow for dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle use. Whether an individual rides simply for fun, or if they are using ATVs and side-by-sides while hunting and exploring gameland - even when the most refined safety measures are taken an accident could occur. 

One type of ATV accident that has caused serious and fatal injuries is a rollover accident. ATV rollover accidents might be caused by the slope of the terrain and speed of the vehicle, and in other cases defective parts malfunction. For example, 2008 models of Yamaha Rhino ATVs experienced a recall for potential brake issues.

This vehicle is a side-by-side version, offering two seats and a large cargo area in the rear. The Rhino is equipped with a roll cage, grab handles, and seat belts. Criticisms had been made years prior regarding design flaws in the Rhino's structure, particularly focusing on the narrow and top-heavy body with a high center of gravity. Some concerns also surrounded narrow tires. Pre-2008 models were not equipped with doors by default and only offered as an upgrade "accessory". Multiple litigation matters occurred involving severely injured operators, many with crushed legs.

If you or one of your loved ones were injured in an ATV rollover accident, contact an attorney. Our injury attorneys offer an overview of ATV recalls that might apply to a vehicle involved in the accident. Even if a faulty part was not responsible for the accident, another party could have contributed to the cause of the accident. Learn more about property owner liability in ATV accidents.

ATVs can be fun experiences for friends and family. As with any vehicle, whether a car or bicycle, focus on safe driving and operating practices and be aware of recalls.