Why SUV Rollover Accidents Happen

north carolina car accident attorneySUVs are popular vehicles for many reasons; people have a sense of security in them, they can carry lots of cargo, and they can travel where many other types of vehicles cannot. Yet everyday in the North Carolina there are hundreds of cases involving SUV rollover accidents. Evidence shows that these rollovers can be caused by a wide gambit of manufacture defects including tire failures/defects, poor stability design, poorly designed suspension system, or inadequate brakes (information that SUV dealers probably never give to their customers).

If you have been injured or a family member has been killed as a result of an SUV rollover, please contact a North Carolina car accident lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates. We have worked in all fields of North Carolina personal injury law for over three decades and have the experience you need to help you through this difficult time.

Why SUVs Rollover More

So why are SUVs more at risk for a rollover crash than other types of vehicles? Well, a big reason has to do with their center of gravity. SUVs have a high center of gravity, which makes them more unstable than other vehicles. When a driver of an SUV is forced to make a sudden turn or maneuver, there is a greater chance that their vehicle will rollover.

Think of it this way: Why do football coaches always stress to their players that they need to keep a low center of gravity? Because if they have a lower center of gravity and are hit by someone from the opposing team, they have a better chance of remaining upright. Or, if you’re not a football fan, picture this instead: Can you keep your balance better with a wide stance and a low center of gravity, or with your feet together and with a high center of gravity?

Once the rollover occurs, the vehicle occupants can face additional injuries or even death from weak roofs, weak seatbacks, the lack of headrest or head restraint devices, overly aggressive airbags, defective or ill-fitting seat belts, and windows that allow passengers to be ejected during the rollover. Read our rollover prevention tips here.

Help Prevent SUV Rollovers

In general, most rollovers occur when the driver is forced to take an emergency or evasive action after steering in one direction and then rapidly correcting in the opposite direction, such as a typical avoidance maneuver with a road hazard, a deer, a dog, pothole or another vehicle in their path. This evasive action often results in a rollover. This situation can be bad enough, but when you add the fact that very few SUVs have rollbars, roll cages, or other roof crush or occupant protection, you can have a deadly situation. It can also help to choose an SUV with ESC, electronic stability control, which has been shown to reduce the devastating consequences of rollovers.

Yet, it isn’t necessarily driver error that causes the SUV rollover. In fact, with most rollovers, the fault can be squarely placed on manufacturer negligence for a poor vehicle design and not on the unsuspecting drivers. If you’ve been involved in an SUV rollover accident and need legal assistance, contact a North Carolina car accident lawyer and share this page with your friends to help prevent future accidents.